Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Elevated Perspective

When you're flying high above the Earth, everything seems so peaceful and beautiful. It seems absurd to think that below your feet there lies a world full of heartache, pain, and misery. And, with that in mind, you wonder how you'll be able to go back to it...

Today, I decided I needed an escape from the "every day". So, after another busy rush at work, I decided to drive up to Ensign Peak. With my ankle still a bit swollen from when I sprained it a couple weeks ago, I decided to only go up as far as the "look out". It was still high enough to escape the world below. As I reached the "top" I looked out and caught my breath. The earth was a glow, for the trees seemed to reflect the beauty and warmth of the sun. With no clouds in sight to deter the sun's rays, I wasn't bothered by the icy, cold wind. It didn't matter how hard it beat against my winter coat, I was in no rush to leave.

 How strange it was to see a world full of beauty and know of the hard-features that make up that beauty. As I sat there pondering on this thought, it made me realize something about myself, and about a few other people I know. Why is it that we keep ourselves at a "safe" distance from those we want to be close to? We fear the closer they are, the more they'll see, and the "beauty" that disguises those faults, will disappear. But, we can't continue on believing that our faults, shortcomings, and mistakes aren't part of the beauty. We are as beautiful as we are because of those hard-features. We are not scarred or ruined. We are stronger and more capable. As the earth continues to grow after an event of a storm, so shall we continue to grow. So, when you look in the mirror, and start to count the flaws, remember you are still beautiful.

I sat there for nearly two hours before realizing that my legs were getting numb. So, I stood up, took one last look at the beauty of God's creation, and headed back down to my car. Besides finding a place closer to God, I now know why the prophets of old ascended mountains when needing to council with the Lord. It's high enough above the world to escape doubt, fear, and worry. Ensign Peak is now my place to go to whenever I need such an escape.

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