Sunday, December 29, 2013

Shut Up and Go!

You might think I'm weird because I like watching my Korean&Japanese dramas. All I'm going to say is, even though they're cheesy and their scenarios a far reach from reality, they still have a great message hidden in every show that I've ever watched. The most recent is called: Shut Up - Let's Go (among its other names). The jist of it is about a group of guys who are from a low-class neighborhood - best friends and band mates - who are trying to find a way to survive in world where everyone believes they'll never amount to much. We often think too much; me more than anyone. Hence, the title of this blog. What we don't realize is thinking, alone, won't get us anywhere, until we do something with it. So, my motto for this New Year.....Shut Up and Go!

I'm not going to list off the things I hope to achieve this coming year, because those lists never really work out. I know they say: "Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail." But, all my plans tend to fail anyway. So, I'm not going to think about yesterday, nor am I going to worry about tomorrow. I'm going to think about today, and now. For all I know, that's all I've got left. 

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