Tuesday, January 14, 2014

They were here, And so was I

Where you are, someone once was. Where you were, someone will be. 
(A Road Less traveled by Mugsy)

It's easy to face  hard times when you know you're not the only one going through it. You don't look down on yourself, as much. You accept the fact that sometimes bad things do happen to good people. And, you find it doesn't hurt your pride as much when you ask someone for help. Especially, when the person you're asking, knows exactly what you're going through.
I was never one to sit in my history class wondering what I could possibly learn from people who have long been gone. They had a story to tell, and I was always willing to listen. It helps me to view my life in a different perspective; helps me to appreciate what I have - even the struggles and hard times. Granted, not to say that it would be easier to live in one era than  another, because problems will always arise, and the people living during those times will have to find a way to push forward. Learning about how people overcame their problems - surely their solutions could be the answers to our problems as well.
We seek after books, music, videos - stories - that we can relate to. And because we do, we find our own courage to face whatever comes. We hope and pray, and have faith that all will work out, because it did for them, so why not us? Now, what reason could I possibly have to write all this? To help you see that when your stuck at the bottom of a mountain, and you can't see your way around it, REMEMBER! Someone has already left a path behind them that'll lead you to the other side. Take courage and press onward. Endure to the end, and you'll find peace of mind, heart, and spirit.

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