Friday, January 24, 2014

Out of Context

I found me when I was with you.
I found my voice, and what I could do.
We didn't need to pretend when it was just us.
You showed me what it meant to trust.
To you, everyone I would compare,
though I shouldn't; it's unfair.
You are you, and no one else
deserves to be put aside on a shelf.
I'll be me, when I'm with you
as long as you love me, and your love is true.
It's easy to be a friend for now;
to find others while I've yet to be found.
I'll live with the thought of you, 'til I find another;
though, we'll never be through.
I know you're my past, but I'm unsure of my future.
When I look back we'll have grown further, apart.
With relief I'll sigh.
They'll believe me and not the lie.
I found me when I was with you.
Now, alone, I finally grew. 
What you say vs what others hear. Besides the spoken and written word, what else do you take "out of context"?

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